How to Upgrade from Version 3.1 Build 20 to Version 3.1 Build 43 (20 June 2021)





This patch is FREE to those who own Build 20 or later versions of Proplab-Pro version 3.1. Build 39 and most recently Build 43 fixes bugs that prevented Proplab-Pro from obtaining and using the correct sunspot number, solar flux and IG data when manually setting dates and times (i.e. not in real-time mode). Now, if you change the date and time for the simulations (on the Main Options tab), the software will automatically grab and compute the correct smoothed sunspot number, IG and solar flux values. Geomagnetic data will still need to be entered by hand when not in real-time mode.

Historic back-dating to 1958 is now supported.

This new version also adds a feature that will store (in a text file) properties of traced 3D rays as they are propagated through the ionosphere. Information pertaining to ionospheric absorption of the signal, the altitude and location of the signal at that particular point, as well as other properties of the signal such as polarization, can be determined at various points as the ray travels through the ionosphere. This feature was present in older versions of Proplab, but was inadvertently removed in recent versions. This feature only applies to 3D ray-tracings (not 2D ray-tracings) and can be enabled in the IRI Options tab. Once a 3D ray-tracing has been completed, you can read the file “results.out” stored in Proplab-Pro’s installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Proplab3) using any text editor.


If you still have the email that we sent to you providing access to Proplab-Pro, check the email for the link to re-download and re-install the software. Once re-installed, verify that the Build number is correct in the Copyright tab.

We have updated everyone’s link to point to the new updated software. If you are having problems obtaining the upgrade, contact

If you do not have your original email or cannot use the download link, please contact for information on how to obtain the patch (please allow us a day or two to process your emailed request).